The Relationship between the Quality of Life Concept and Social Marketing Development

Mihaela Constantinescu


Quality of life (QoL) can be defined as the individual’s subjective perception on objective conditions related to welfare and standard of living. This perception is at the base of most decisions that individuals make regarding consumption and purchase, therefore marketing specialists should take it into consideration when developing the product, establishing the price, design the distribution system and the communicational strategy. Although most relevant links between marketing and quality of life appear in theory only in the last two decades, the marketing activity has always been influenced by changes in the perception of individuals and society regarding the standard of living and wellbeing. Even more visible is the influence on social marketing, given that this is an area of marketing that is concerned especially with society’s problems, trying to promote a responsible behaviour for firms and citizens, in order to increase the level of satisfaction with every aspect of life. This article presents how the dimensions of quality of life influenced the development of various specializations of social marketing.


quality of life; standard of living; wellbeing; social marketing; level of satisfaction

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