The integration System Innovation Adaption in Business Complexity - Empirical Evidence from Romanian

Hosney Harry Zurub, Alexandru Cosmin Ionescu, Natalia Bob


This paper examines the stabilizing Business complexity using innovation and integration as an attribute for business organizations inRomania. Going with the assumption that business environment can be considered an adaptive complex system .Business complexity refers to daily business cycle efficiency of operations with effect on costs, the paper try also to identify the role of innovation attribute found in integration process, the paper apply the Water Fall Model which is an approach in modeling based on interfaces, which can help in identifying integration points respecting the basic design model standards. The paper findings contributes on draw an interest image to the influence of Business modeling combined with innovation  integration to keep  performance and find flexibility to maintain market segmentation  , the paper also will focus on innovation environment and innovation strategic management adaptation in the business network , measuring risk as a segment  using model complexity rating.


Romania, Efficiency, Adaption, Business Complexity, Systems Integration, Innovation Business

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