The Implementation of E-Health Solutions. A Review of International Solutions and Their Relevance for Romania

Cosmin Ionuț Imbrișcă, Alina Maria Neațu


One of the most important responsibilities for any government of a developed nation is to insure a proper level of healthcare for its population. However, while this necessity is fairly obvious, it is very hard to implement an effective, coherent and country-wide public policy which can efficiently live up to modern standards of quality healthcare and, at the same time, remain within reasonable budgetary constraints. The process through which this issue is tackled has been an ongoing concern for many governments and, lately, some of them have started using eHealth systems which include, but are not limited to, different types of personal health cards. This has also been the case for Romania which, beginning with September 2014, has started the process of issuing and of using such cards. In this paper we have conducted a literature review of healthcare card usage, focusing on the experience of countries which have already implemented them and how, going forward, that will translate to Romania.


eHealth, Information and Communication Technology, Personal Health Card, Romanian Healthcare

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