Study of the Quality of "Twinings" Tea



Abstract: Production and consumption of tea worldwide is about 300 billion cups yearly and the first place is occupied by Great Britain, followed by Ireland, China, India, and USA. The tea and its infusion are not only with pleasant flavor and refreshing properties, but with valuable dietary qualities. All these properties are connected with the variety of the plant and with the content of the main substances: phenolic substances, caffeine, aroma substances, organic acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The aim of the current research is to examine the quality of five types of black and of five types of green tea, produced by TWININGS OF LONDON, in order to see if the consumers’ confidence to the company as a producer of high-quality products is justified. Therefore an independent research of some types of tea TWINIGS has been conducted and the results are shown forward in the study.


food policy, quality of food, quality of tea,

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