Service Quality and Market Performance of Bulgarian Banks

Nadezhda Kalinova


This paper seeks to scrutinize major bank marketing issues in Bulgarian bank market and especially bank service quality. A combination of secondary and primary data is used to research and diagnose the business and marketing results of leading banking brands in the country. The author suggests a balanced pool of key performance indicators including financial and market measures. An emphasis is put on the specifics of bank services and a number of threshold factors influencing customer satisfaction. The research process combines a broad review of bank stress tests and brand study scales and approaches, including Forbes rating, Interbrand ratings, World Bank data, Mystery Shopping reports etc. Primary research, is applied to collect data for market performance, including service quality. The author concludes by summarizing Bulgarian bank brands’ financial performance in the context of the Bulgarian bank market situation. By a complete examination of the financial sector the article closes with an overall assessment of banks’ market performance.


bank services, service quality, bank market performance

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