Monitoring Instruments for Marketing Promotional Activities on the Internet Applicable in Adult’s Education Services and More

Claudiu Dan Gostian


The interactive character and the deeply human relationship between vocational training services suppliers and their customers has determined us to suggest and propose in this paper a useful and efficient measuring toolkit (Key Performance Indicators) in online marketing with an eye to generate cost savings, essential for small and medium enterprises. The technology advance has influenced marketing and promotion techniques over the time. If initially marketing used newspapers, radio and then television, today we can talk about a new opportunity in marketing: the internet. It possibly is the fifth estate. Nowadays, sophisticated keywords-based search techniques, targeted audience, PPC ads, paid placement destination for our ads, social media, quality landing pages into our websites, allow companies to address exactly the types of consumers they target, in a very accurate way. If traditional marketing was a mass marketing process, online marketing is focused only toward the interested public, already segmented. It’s like on a highway we put advertising panels that display the message that we want to address, and we direct on that road only the targeted and previously segmented public. We wish to adapt online marketing to the sales activity. The main goal of online marketing is that a well thought ad campaign allows companies to pay just as much as their ads are seen by the potential clients. In practice, this goal is not entirely achieved because companies still pay more than necessary for their ads, because they don’t target their campaigns in a more efficient way. Marketing measurements can still be improved. Moreover, it’s necessary that new KPI indicators are identified and then integrated to achieve an advantageous ROI. As a conclusion for this paper, we propose a set of principles for an internet promotion campaign that is accurately adapted to the vocational training services.


internet website activity KPI, online marketing, keywords search, PPC, advertising display impressions, targeted audience, involving customer, campaigns efficiency

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