Knowledge Based Specialists the Determinant Driven Force of the Knowledge Based Economy

Ovidiu Nicolescu, Ciprian Nicolescu


Fundamental mutation of the last decade is the shaping of a new type of economy as well as a new type of society. The main objectives of our paper are to highlight the emergence of a new social class - knowledge based specialists, and to emphasize the main features, and their impact on economic performance and functionality. From a methodological point of view, the article is based on theoretical and factual analysis of economic and social evolution from last decades. The paper is structured in the following main components: short presentation of the concept of knowledge revolution, identification and analysis of structural changes in the modern economy, highlighting and evaluation of major changes occurring in the types and content of occupations in the knowledge economy, presenting the main features of the new social class and argumentation the determinant role and impact of knowledge based specialists in the knowledge economy and society.


Knowledge Based Specialists, Knowledge Economy, Knowledge Revolution, Social Class, Structural Configuration

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