Innovative Management of Food Quality and Safety using the Forced Decisions Technique

Lavinia Alexandra Cristescu


This paper aims to identify the typology of management models that bring innovation and sustainability within companies specialized in the food quality and safety industry. The paper indicates the existing factors which influence such innovative management models using the Forced Decisions Technique and presents an analysis of the most important factors. Through this problem solving-decision-making model a mixture of results were obtained: creative development and identification of options, firmness of decision, and effective implementation. The present study, within the context mentioned, will be concerned with the following research questions: Does the implementation of an innovative management model - focused on food quality process improvement - eliminate the non-performance factors and variation compared to other existing models?Does the innovative management model bring an improvement that will be further used to develop new processes and products at a quality level?

It is important to answer these questions because, in the process of continuous improvement of quality and its impact on an organization, internal and external factors can affect the quality results of the company. Problems regarding the risk of consumption or use of goods and risk of the production process are directly correlated with the quality characteristics of the goods and protection of consumer interests. The paper has managed to demonstrate through the performed research that the use of innovative management models for food quality and safety has the potential to enhance product quality, simplify contractual relationships, demonstrate compliance with regulations, and improve responsiveness to customers.


management model, food quality, consumer, forced decisions technique, innovation

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