Genetically Modified Products – Contradictions and Challenges

Rodica Pamfilie, Lavinia-Alexandra Cristescu


This paper aims to identify the perception that consumers have about GM products, also taking into consideration the evolution of consumption and production of products based on genetically modified organisms. Therefore, the paper presents both aspects to clarify the concept of genetically modified organism (GMO issues such as typology, national or international regulations regarding this area) and global market development of genetically modified organisms, evolution which is presented by statistical data concerning the whole global area cultivated with genetically modified organisms. The paper has also managed to demonstrate through an exploratory research concerning consumer’s knowledge about GMO products, their attitude about biotechnology applications, the need for GMO-based products for scientific progress, the risks or advantages of genetically modified organisms and the paper has also managed to identify the key GMO-based products and to analyze the GMO Roundup Ready soybean species distribution in supermarkets in Bucharest.


biotechnology, genetically modified products, quality, market, producer, consumer

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